Film History

  • Fantascope

    A device invented by Joseph Plateau that simulated motion. A set of pictures would be placed inside in slots and when someone would place it in front of a mirror and spin it around it would appear that the objects were moving.
  • Eadweard Muybridge

    Eadweard Muybridge
    Created the first animated "movement" called "the Horse In Motion" This short animaniton used a series of photos that were played rapidly together to simulate a horse galloping.
  • Marey

    Made a "camera" (photgraphic gun) that could take 12 shots at a time.
  • George Eastman

    George Eastman
    Created a small "Kodak" camera that used film roll
  • Black Maria

    Black Maria
    The first film production studio
  • Cinematographe

    The Luminere Brothers screened their first movie, "Workers Leaving the Lumiere Factory"
  • Alice Guy (Blaché)

    Alice Guy (Blaché)
    She started as a secretary for Léon Gaumont in 1894. Later she became the first female director in the indusrty by directing "The Cabbage Fairy" in April of 1896.
  • Vitascope

    Thomas Edison's Company purchased an improved version of the Phantascope. On April 23, 1896 Thomas Edison screened the first motion-picture Vitascope projection movie.
  • Vitascope Hall

    Vitascope Hall
    First permanent movie theater
  • Georges Melies

    Georges Melies
    Georges first film was based on trick photography with stop-motion. One of his most famous films, A Trip To The Moon, used a combination of dissolves, trick photgraphy, fade in and out and hand-tinting.
  • Edwin S. Porter

    Edwin S. Porter
    Porter was hired by the Edison Company Studios and directed 'The Life Of The American Fireman."
  • The Great Train Robbery

    The Great Train Robbery
    Edwin Porter directed this 10 minute long narrative. it was based on a real heist and had approximately 14 scenes.
  • Hollywood

    Officially incorporated as a municipality. It was a great site for directors, film makers, and actors.
  • Nickelodeons

    Kinetoscope parlors, storfronts, and lecture halls were converted into some of the first real movie theaters. patrons would pay a nickel (or sometimes a dime) to watch a ten minute- to an hour clip of vaudvilee acts, short films, etc.
  • The Story Of The Kelly Gang

    The Story Of The Kelly Gang
    The first feature length film.
  • Les Miserables

    Les Miserables
    First feature film produced in the U.S. It was divided into four reels and each of the reels was relesed seperately
  • The Lonely Villa

    The Lonely Villa
    D.W. Griffith(the father of film) used cross cutting to create tension and build-up between scenes
  • Universal Studios

    Universal Studios
    First major long-lasting studio. Universal was succesful with adaptians of classics.
  • Dante's Inferno

    Dante's Inferno
    This was the first feature-film realsed in it's entirety in the U.S. It was a 6 minute long epic that opened on December 10, 1911 at Gane's Manhattan Theare in New York
  • The Mothering Heart

    The Mothering Heart
    D.W. Griffith's most artistic film. It was divided into two 23 minute reels. It used such cross cutting, fading, parallel editing, etc.