Film Events by Myla Huynh

  • First Motion Picture

    First Motion Picture
    The "Horse in Motion" was the first motion picture. It is 11-frames made by using 12 separate cameras. The man who made it is Eadweard Muybridge. The motion picture is of a man riding a horse, Sallie Gardner owned by Leland Stanford.
  • First Movie Film

    First Movie Film
    The first movie film made was in 1888 and titled "Roundhay Garden Scene." It was created by French inventor Louis Le Prince, who invented the early motion-picture camera. Believed to be creator of first ever motion films.
  • First 10 Minute Film

    First 10 Minute Film
    "Pauvre Pierrot" was the first 10-12 minute film. Each one from before only consisted of a couple seconds. It was created in 1892 by Charles-Emile Reynaud.
  • Projector

    In 1895 the projector was invented. It was the first movie projector developed in the US. Woodville Latham and his sons created it.
  • Le Manoir Du Diable

    Le Manoir Du Diable
    Le Manoir Du Diable was the first horror movie. In english the 3-minute long film means The Haunted House. It was created in 1896.
  • First Animated Film

    First Animated Film
    The first cartoon was made in 1906 and it was called "Humorous Phases of Funny Faces." It was a collection of chalk drawings. J. Stuart Blackton created it.
  • First Movie Filmed in Hollywood

    First Movie Filmed in Hollywood
    "In Old California" was the first film entirely made in Hollywood. It was directed by D. W. Griffth. It was written by Stanner E. V. Taylor.
  • The Jazz Singer

    The Jazz Singer
    "The Jazz Singer" was the first film with sound. It had brought the end of the silent-film era. It was the first successful "Talkies." It was made by the Warner Bros.
  • Technicolor

    In 1932 Technicolor was perfected. 3-color method which included all colors of the rainbow. Walt Disney also adopted it.
  • Color Television Broadcast

    Color Television Broadcast
    The first colored television broadcast occurred in 1954. It was low the Tournament of Roses Parade. After most television programs continued in black and white.
  • CGI

    In 1973 CGI was first used in the movie "Westworld." CGI is computer-generated imagery. It is the application of the field of computer graphics to special special affects.
  • Toy Story

    Toy Story
    "Toy Story" comes out as the first full CGI movie. Later coming out with 3 more movies. It took 4 years to make the 77 minute move.