Film and Animation Timeline

  • The Zoetrope is made

    This one of the first motion picture items in which it spins still pictures around rapidly to create the idea of motion. It was typically seen as a children's toy
  • Period: to

    Matting is made and used around this time

  • the Horse in Motion

    This was at first still pictures but when put together will make what is the illusion of moving motion
  • Kinetograph is made

    This device was the first motion picture camera and used celluloid film and used electricity and the film was advanced through a series of sprockets
  • Period: to

    Color tintings made to stop pirates

    This was usually amber but pirates found out how to tint
  • A prototype of the Kinetograph is shown for the first time

    A prototype of the machine was shown at the National Federation of Women's clubs
  • The Cinematographe is made

    The Lumiere brothers made this and went on to show the day to day life of people in France
  • Final product is shown

    The final product of the Kinetoscope is shown at the Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences
  • The Latham loop is made

    This was done by Woodville Latham alongside Willian K.L. Dickson and Eugene Lauste
  • George Méliès discovers the stop trick

  • The first split film is made

    It was either done by Méliès or some guy named George Alert Smith
  • The First Voiced Projections showed in Germany

    This was done by a man named Oskar Messter he did something else but I couldn't find it
  • The Lord of the Rings

    The first movie, The Lord of the Rings Fellowship of the Ring is released.