Filippo Brunelleschi

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  • 1377

    Brunelleschi Is Born

    Brunelleschi was the second of three sons of Ser Brunellesco di Lippo Lapi and Giuliana Spini.
  • 1401

    Brunelleshi Loses To Lorenzo Ghiberti

    Brunelleshi Loses To Lorenzo Ghiberti
    Brunelleschi competes against Lorenzo Ghiberti and five other sculptors for the commission to make the bronze reliefs for the door of the Florence baptistery. Brunelleschi's entry, "The Sacrifice of Isaac," was the high point of his short career as a sculptor, but Ghiberti won the commission.
  • 1415

    Brunelleschi Rediscovers Linear Perspective

    Brunelleschi Rediscovers Linear Perspective
    Linear Perspective is a type of perspective used by artists in which the relative size, shape, and position of objects are determined by drawn or imagined lines converging at a point on the horizon.
  • 1419

    Brunelleschi Starts Building The Basilica di San Lorenzo

    Brunelleschi Starts Building The Basilica di San Lorenzo
    In 1419, the Medici family commissioned Filippo Brunelleschi to build the Basilica di San Lorenzo. It was only finished after his death.
  • 1429

    The Pazzi Family Commissions Brunelleschi

    The Pazzi Family Commissions Brunelleschi
    In 1429, Andrea de’ Pazzi commissioned Brunelleschi to build the Pazzi Chapel. Construction only started in 1442.
  • Mar 25, 1436

    Brunelleschi Builds The Duomo

    When construction on the Santa Maria del Fiore started in 1296, the design did not include its giant, 8-sided dome; its architect died before finishing the building. In 1418, the Opera del Duomo announced a public competition for the construction of the dome with a handsome prize of 200 gold florins—and a shot at eternal fame—for the winner. Leading architects of the time flocked to Florence to present ideas. Brunelleschi won the competition and his version of the dome was completed in 1436.
  • 1443

    The Pazzi Chapel Is Finished

  • Apr 15, 1446

    Brunelleschi Dies

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