Freddie Mercury and Queen

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  • Freddie Mercury was born

    Freddie Mercury was born
    Farrokh Bulsara Born in Stone Town, Zanzibar on September 5 1946
  • Childhood

    He lived all his life in Tanzania but. He went to The UK because the country had a lot problems.
  • Before Queen

    Before Queen
    After arriving in London Freddie entered to a band named Smile.
  • Mary Austin unattainable love

    Mary Austin unattainable love
    Freddie met Mary in his first show with Smile and they fell in love immediately.
  • Smile and Queen

    Smile and Queen
    Freddie convinced Brian May and Roger Taylor to change the name to Queen.
  • The first successes

    The first successes
    After the change of the name the band had their first albums.
  • Awards

    Freddie and Queen didn't win any music award but they win the platinum disc.
  • Bohemian Rhapsody the crown jewel

    Bohemian Rhapsody the crown jewel
    One of the greatest albums was relesed with the Queen's emblem song.
  • The following successes

    The following successes
    In this time some of their best hits were released including collaboration with David Bowie Under Pressure.
  • Michael Jackson and Freddie Mercury

    Michael Jackson and Freddie Mercury
    Freddie didn't want to complete an album with Michael Jackson.
  • Homosexuality.

    Freddie had a lot of questions about his sexuality but he fall in love with Jim Hutton
    after leaving Mary Austin.
  • Live Aid and Concerts

    Live Aid and Concerts
    One of Queen's last concerts was live aid carried out to combat hunger in Africa.
  • Aids

    Freddie told no one about his illness except his partners and the other members.
  • Last days

    Last days
    Freddie did not stop for the months before his death in the words of Brian May.
  • The death of Freddie Mercury

    The death of Freddie Mercury
    After a battle against multiple diseases Mary and Jim buried Freddie where only they know.