• Catherine Beecher

    Catherine Beecher
    Wrote the first FACS book recognized by the Department of Education titled "A Treatise on Domestic Economy"
  • Justin Smith Morrill

    Justin Smith Morrill
    The Morrill Act of 1862 provided grants of land to states to finance the establishment of colleges specializing in agriculture and the mechanic arts
  • Universities in Arkansas

    In the year 1871, the University of Arkansas and University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff became established as land grant institutions
  • Ellen Richards

    Ellen Richards
    Ellen Richards receives a B.S. from MIT, and she's the first woman to do so
  • The Hatch Act

    The Hatch Act of 1887 provided more funding for conducting agricultural research programs across all 50 states
  • Carolyn Hunt

    Carolyn Hunt
    Carolyn Hunt received a B.S. degree in chemistry from Northwestern
  • Benjamin Thompson (Count Rumford)

    Benjamin Thompson (Count Rumford)
    Rumford Kitchen at the Chicago World's Fair of 1893 named after Rumford
  • Ellen Richards

    Ellen Richards
    Ellen Richards begins the school lunch program and provides nutritious lunches at the Chicago World Fair
  • Lake Placid Conference

    Lake Placid Conference
    Eleven leaders gathered together at Lake Placid, New York and Home Economics was developed as a field of study
  • Martha Rensselaer

    Martha Rensselaer
    She developed Cooperative Extension Service Programs at Cornell University in New York
  • Smith-Lever Act of 1914

    The Smith-Lever Act established the Cooperative Extension Service
  • Smith Hughes of 1917

    This act established FACS as part of Vocational (CTE) Education
  • Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (formerly American Dietetics Association)

    ADA founded in 1917 by 58 people who saw the need for persons educated in the science of nutrition and trained in the art of feeding people
  • Lulu Graves

    Lulu Graves
    She became the first president of the ADA
  • Agnes Fay Morgan

    Agnes Fay Morgan
    She was the chair of the Department of Home Economics at the University of California Berkeley, and she was then appointed to serve on President Franklin D. Roosevelt first nutritional congress.
  • Vocational Educational Act of 1963

    The Vocational Education Act of 1963 provided grants to states to maintain, improve, and develop vocational-technical education programs
  • Vocational Act Amended

    The Vocational Act was amended to include handicapped and disadvantaged students
  • Vocational Act Amended

    The purpose of this amendment was to overcome sex discrimination, there were special appropriations given to the disadvantaged
  • Profession Name Change

    June, 1994, American Home Economics Association (AHEA) voted to change the name of the profession to Family and Consumer Sciences (FACS)
  • Carl Perkins Act

    The Carl Perkins act providedan increased focus on the academic achievement of career and technical education students, strengthen the connections between secondary and postsecondary education, and improve state and local accountability