• 1st Amendment

    Freedom of speach, religion, press, to assemble, and to peition government. This affects the people writing the news papers, religious groups, groups can legally meet and not get killed and the people can decide on government
  • Fredrick Douglas

    He was an abolitionist who escaped from slavery and taught himself to read and right. He affected the confederacy because he was free and began a slave.
  • Period: to

    Abraham lincoln

    16 president wrote emanipaion proclimation got shot in the brain cap. He affected both the union and the confederacy. He lead the union and was hated by the confederacy because what he talked about was against what they believed
  • War ends and Lincoln signs the Emancipation proclamation

    Emancipated (freed) the slaves slaves....South was unhappy with this movement. The emancipation proclemation was written by Lincoln declared slaves to be free and blacks could fight in the war.
    Blacks were affected because they could fight for there country and they were free. The confederacy was offended by this movement. Blacks were alowed to be patriots
  • Period: to

    KKK developed

    The KKK is a group of anti blacks and preformed lynching to scare the blacks from voting. This affected voting and the black community because the balcks were being killed for what they were now aloud to do.
  • Black cods

    Made it hard for blacks to have a voice in government. Blacks had to pay taxes and take a litteracy test in order to vote
  • Past 15th Amendment

    Declares that anyone can vote
  • Reconstruction of south

    The rebuilding of the south after the civil war. This affected the south because there towns were being completely destroyed and now they are being rebuilt
  • Civil rights act abolished

    Made it legal to discriminate.
    After the civil rights act was abolished the blacks were discriminated and were split apart from whites.
  • 13th Amendment

    Declares slavery illegal in the U.S. This affected the slaves because now they are free and have the rights of everyone else
  • 14th Amendment

    If you are born in U.S then you are free and have all the rights stated in constitution. This affected the blacks because if they were born in the U.S then they had all the constitutional rights of everyone else.
    Today this affects all minorities because if there children or they are born in the U.S they will be free citizens of the United states of Merica
  • Jim Crow laws

    Laws past in southers states to segregate blacks from whites
    Seperate but equal
    Black water founains white water fountains
  • Plessy vs. Ferguson

    Seperate but equal. It was a supreme court case saying that blacks still had to be kept from whites but the white train waiters and waitresses had to give the same service to the black section