Fashion and Art in the 1920's - 1930's

  • Waistlines

    Fashion Of the 1920's youtube The History Of Fashion
    During the early 1920s, waistlines were at the waist, but were loose and not fitted.Women wore suits with long hemlines and somewhat full skirts, often with belts at the waist of the jackets. Dress and suit bodices alike were worn loose, even baggy.
  • New African American art

    New African American art
    Art Education History 1920s
    In the 1920's the Harlem Renaissance begins. New African American art, literature and music brings new ideas and cultures to the United States, not only affecting African Americans but all of society. It was the beginnning of new artists and writers such as Palmer Hayden and Langston Hughes, who gained their popularity at the time.
  • Parrish

    1920's artIn the 1920s, Parrish turned away from illustration and concentrated on painting for its own sake. Androgynous nudes in fantastical settings were an often recurring theme. In 1931 he decided to focus solely on landscapes.
  • Skirts Length

    Skirts Length
    1920'S Flapper Fashion History.Between 1920 and 1924 skirts remained calf length with fluctuations of an inch or two according to garment style. Skirts were actually still rather long, but were designed to confuse.
  • Long dresses and skirts become shorter .

    Long dresses and skirts become shorter .
    1920's Flapper Fashion History.The skirt lengths on dresses gave the illusion of being first long and then shorter with dipping, scalloped and handkerchief hemlines in floating fabrics. It was only in 1925 that skirts rose 14 to 16 inches (45 to 50 cm) from the ground making the shorter hemline we associate with the era.
  • Skirts at their shortest

    Skirts at their shortest
    1920s Flapper Fashion HistoryBy 1926 skirts were at their shortest in the Twenties decade and showed the knee until 1928. The whole leg as far as the kneecap was revealed this was the height of flapper fashion.
  • Skirt Hemlines

    Skirt Hemlines
    1930 Fashion Show 1920'S Flapper Fashion History By 1929 uneven hems and asymmetric skirt hemlines again helped the transition to longer skirts. Longer sheer overskirts and semi sheer top skirts were worn over shorter linings. By 1930 the hemline was several inches below the knee.
  • Federal Art Project

    Federal Art Project
    Art HistoryLike everything else in the 30's, art was also dominated by the Great Depression. It was supported by government programs such as the Public Works of Art Project and later the Federal Art Project.
  • Starving Artists

    Starving Artists
    Art in the 1930's
    Many other of the "starving artists" were able to survive the hard times by painting murals on the lobby walls of government buildings in the 1930's. Some of which, became artists of note, such as Jackson Pollock and Willem de Kooning.
  • Public Works Of Art Projects

    Public Works Of Art Projects
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    The PWAP (Public Works of Art Project) was created during the early 30’s and was responsible for offering employment to hundreds of artists who created dynamic works that live on today. The Harlem Renaissance during this time showcased the talents within African-American communities.