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Famous Human Achievents in Space

  • Spuntik 1

    Spuntik 1
    The Soviet satellite is the first object sent into space and to successfully orbit the Earth.
  • Explorer 1

    Explorer 1
    The first Untied States satellite to orbit the Earth was launched-Explorer 1.
  • NASA

    The National Aeronautics and Space Administration is formed
  • First human in space

    First human in space
    Russian citizen Yuri Gagarin was the first human in space.
  • Alan Shepard

    Alan Shepard
    Alan is the first United States citizen to go into space.
  • First American to orbit the Earth

    First American to orbit the Earth
    John Glenn is the first American citizen to orbit the Earth.
  • Man on the moon

    Man on the moon
    Apollo 11's Neil Armstarong was the first masn on the moon following his crew member Buzz Aldrin.
  • First American space shuttle launched

    First American space shuttle launched
    First Amercian spaces shuttle is launched making it the first reusable aircratf.
  • Challenger Explodes

    Challenger Explodes
    Space Shuttle challenger explodes shortly after take off.
  • International space station inhabitdence

    International space station inhabitdence
    Humans are starting to live on the international space station