Famous Cases Involving Finger Prints

  • Fiche Scheffeer

    Fiche Scheffeer
    The Scheffer case was the first arrest and conviction with the use of fingerprint evidence.
  • Stratton Brothers

    Stratton Brothers
    The first example of fingerprinting being used in a murder case.
  • Thomas Jennings

    Thomas Jennings
    Thomas Jennings's murder case established fingerprint evidence as reliable in Illinois. He was convicted of murder.
  • Vincenzo Perugia

    Vincenzo Perugia
    Convicted of stealing the Mona Lisa from the Louvre museum. An early example of fingerprinting in a high-profile case.
  • George Kelly

    George Kelly
    Gangster linked to a kidnapping of a major OKC oilman.
  • John Dillinger

    John Dillinger
    John Dillinger's wanted poster was complete with his name, photo and all ten of his fingerprints. One of the earliest examples of fingerprint identification. Dillinger then burned his fingertips in acid in an attempt to change the fingertips. Although this attempt was unsuccsessful, Dillinger made history in the feild of fingerprints.
  • Gordon Cummins

    Gordon Cummins
    Serial killers are identified with the use of fingerprints. Prints from his gas mask matched items found at the crime scene of one of his four victims.
  • Bruce Reynolds

    Bruce Reynolds
    11 perpetrators of a raid on a train. The gang stole £2.6 mil in Buckinghamshire. Prints were found on a game of Monopoly the gang was using.
  • Richard Ramirez

    Richard Ramirez
    Fingerprints found in Ramirez's car proved he was present at a crime scene. High-profile serial killer caught with the use of fingerprints.
  • John Sansing

    John Sansing