Famous nupes collage ii text

Famous African Americans 1850-1970

  • Period: to

    Booker T Washington

    Booker Taliaferro Washington an educator in the 19th century early 20th century. Born in 1856 as a slave on a small farm in the Virginia backcountry. Booker was a very powerful African
    American male in the black community. He was educator, author, orator, and political leader. Booker T Washington was so infulencial because he was and educator and the first president and principle of "Tuskegee Normal and Industrial Institute" (Now Known as Tuskegee University).
  • Period: to

    George Washington Carver

    George was born into slavery near Diamond Grove, Mo. He remained a slave until he was ten, then left to recieve an education. He was an American agricultural chemist and an
    experimentor. He developed new produts from peanuts, sweet potatoes and soy beans. His creations helped revolutionize the agricultural economy in the south.
  • Period: to

    James W. Johnson

    Born in Jacksonville, Florida. James was known for many things and was very successful and all the things he did. He was known as an author, politician, journalist, poet, educator, lawyer, song writer, and an early civil rights acctivist. His fame and success is mainly known for his leadership of the NAACP, also his writing and teachings at Fisk University and one of the first African American professors at NY University.
  • Period: to

    George Herriman

    Born is New Orleans, Lousiana. George was an Afriacan American cartoonist who children loved. He's know for his comic strip called "Krazy Kat" .
  • Period: to

    Bessie Coleman

    Elizabeth "Bessie" Coleman was born in Texas. This strong woman was a civil aviator. First African American female pilot and one of the first male or female African American to hold an international pilot licence.
  • Period: to

    Langston Hughes

    Langston was born in Joplin, Missouri. He's a man well with his words. He was am American poet, social activist, novelist, play writer and columist. Langston's best pieces were from the Jazz period and Harlem Renaissance. Langston was one of the earliest creators of Jazz poetry and created a vivid peice of wording which he named "The Negro Was In Vogue" later named "When Harlem was in Vogue".
  • Period: to

    Josh Gibson

    Joshua Gibson a man with a sports talent, he was born in Buena Vista, Georgia. Josh was a catcher playing in the Negro Leagues. Playing for many teams due to the fact he became one of the best catcher in the game. He was sadly unable to play in the MLB because the policy was strictly whites. He did accomplish many thing in his baseball career. For example he was nicknamed respectfully "The Black Babe Ruth", because of the power hitters he smacked on numerous occasions.
  • Period: to

    James Baldwin

    James Balwin born in Harlem, New York. This man has also got a way with his words. An American novelist, essayist, play writer, poet and social critic. This man was very creative with his writing skills. His abilities to write in ways to make people think. He wrote in ways back then that weren't really thought of . His word play, was a large part in his writing skills back then. His thoughts were like dreams on paper back then.
  • Period: to

    Ray Charles

    Ray Charles Robinson born in Albany, Georgia. A man with SOUL. Signed with Atlanta Records and known for being one of or not the first fuse the mix of gospel and blues. Also he brought together the greatly odd couple country and pop making it succesful, which not many can do. Not to mention the man was blind and can play piano.
  • Period: to

    Ron Brown

    Ron Harmon/Brown was born in Washington D.C. With his birth place his future was already kind of predeterminded. Ron was U.S secratary of Commerce. He served the first term with president Bill Clinton in office. He was the first African American to ever hold this position. Sadly he had died due to a tragic plane crash killing 34 others also.
  • Stevie Wonder

    Stevie Wonder
    Stevland Hardaway Morris born in Saginaw, Michigan. This song-writer, singer and multi-instrumentalist and activist had many talents. This young phenom was sadly blinded at birth but that major set back didn't set him back. He signed with MoTown's Tamla Label at the age of 11. This 22 time grammy award winner has accomplished much in life recording hit single that go all across the board. One Talented Man.
  • Michael Jordan

    Michael Jordan
    Michael Jeffery Jordan born in Brooklyn, New York. Who doesn't know this man? Arguably one of the best players to ever set foot on a basketball court. A man who's won 6 championship rings and 5 MVP awards. Winning Dunk contests and being rewarded the suitable nickname "Air-Jordan". Air Jordan was truly unstopable until he retired.
  • Queen Latifah

    Queen Latifah
    Dana Elaine Owens was born in Newark, New Jersey. Her stage name we all know he by "Queen Latifiah". She yes She a female rapper and was yes respected by many. A lyrical guru you might say. Not Just a rapper an actress too. Winning one grammy and two golden globe awards. A Successful Woman You May Say.