Family & History Timeline

  • The Declaration Of Independence

    The Declaration Of Independence
    Men from the congress decided that they needed to come up with a document that declared there independece from Great Britain. They decided to write the Declaration of Independence and have fiftey congress men sign the document.
  • World War 2

    World War 2
    In World War 2 the Holocaust was going on at that time. The leader was a man named Hitler. He was a psychiotic leader with a twisted pass and revolution ideas to rebuild Germany. He anialated six million jews. The death camps where torcher to the jews and they were torchered everyday.
  • grandpa and grandma rodriguez immigrate to the US.

    My grandpa lied about his age to join the US navy so he could come to America. My grandma and grandpa lived in California for over twenty years and had eight children. Ever sense they came to america he retired from the navy for twenty five years and was legal when puerto rico came apart of the United States.
  • Other Grandparents got married

    they met on November of 1957. In there they had four children and mother was third child she is the third oldest in her family.
  • MLKJ I Have A Dream Speech

    MLKJ I Have A Dream Speech
    Martin Luther King Jr. was a great man he was a leader to many blacks that did not know what to do during those times. He gained freedom for his people and for our country i think we should all honor him in what he has done for this country.
  • JFK's assasination

    JFK's assasination
    JFK was a great president. A few days before he was assasinated he gave a few speeches. He did not know while driving in that car he was going to die that day. As he drove threw dealay plaza he was shot in the neck, after he was shot in the head spliting his head open and killing him.
  • Cold War

    Cold War
    The Cold War was called this beacause there was no violence but a concept clash between the US and the Soviet Union. The US goverenement was capitolalistic and the Soviet Union was communist, making conflict between the two nations.
  • Father moved to MI

    Father moved to MI
    Months later he met my mother named Dena, after a few years they got married and had six children.
  • Oldest Brother goes into the army

    Oldest Brother goes into the army
    He went into the army right after High school. After he got out of the service he got married and he had his first child. That was when i became an uncle at the age of three years old.
  • My Birthday

    My Birthday
    The best time in history is on that one special day which is your birthday. It is that time of year when you get that one special day all to yourself and it also represent how you grow up and get older and become a man. That is my favorite time in History.
  • 9/11

    9/11 has touhgt us that buildings need to have more safety percausions so that when needed to evacuate you will able to do so quickly and safely. The new World Trade Center is more advanced so that if anything like that will happen they will be prepared.
  • My oldest sisster Vanessa got married

    Over the next few years she had two sons and one daughter named christian, tyler, and olivia