F. Scott Fitzgerald Timeline

Timeline created by kayla.johnson
  • Birth

    F. Scott Fitzgerald was born in St. Paul, Minnesota.
  • Army

    F. Scott Fitzgerald joined the army due to his failure as a student.
  • Moving

    F. Scott was discharged from the army and moved to New York City to get enough money to marry Zelda, but she called off the engagement.
  • The Side of Paradise

    The Side of Paradise
    F. Scott moved back to St. Paul after he quit his job. He continued to write his novel "The Side of Paradise".
  • Marriage

    F. Scott Fitzgerald and Zelda Sayre got married in New York.
  • Children

    F. Scott and Zelda went back to St. Paul for the birth of their child, Francis Scott Fitzgerald.
  • Moving again

    F. Scott and Zelda moved to Great Neck Long Island so they could be near Broadway because F. Scott had wrote a play called "The Vegetable".
  • Revision

    F. Scott revised "The Great Gasby" while he was in Rome for the winter.
  • Remaining

    The Fitzgeralds stayed in France after the novel sales were disappointing.
  • Return

    The family returned to Paris because Zelda was trying ballet training to become a professional dancer. It eventually damaged her health.
  • America

    The Fitzgeralds return to America.
  • Fourth Novel

    Fourth Novel
    F. Scott finished his fourth novel "Tender is the Night".
  • Breakdown

    Zelda suffered from her first breakdown and was treated at Pragins Clinic in Switzerland.
  • Last novel

    Last novel
    F. Scott began writing his last novel "The Love of the Last Tyccoon".
  • Death

    F. Scott Fitzgerald passed away from a heart attack.