F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Life

  • Date of birth

    Date of birth
    Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald was born on this day in St. Paul, Minnesota
  • College

    F. Scott Fitzgerald attended Princeton University
  • Dropped out

    Fitzgerald dropped out of Princeton college then later re-entered in 1916
  • Army

    Fitzgerald later join the army as a second lieutenant
  • Love

    He falls in love for a second time with Zelda Sayre
  • Books

    Fitzgerald wrote and submitted this novel called This Side of Paradise and it became a huge success
  • Marriage

    Fitzgerald and Zelda get married
  • Struggles

    Four main struggles of Fitzgerald and Zelda throughout the 20’s and 30’s were alcoholism, suicide attempts, careless spending, and affairs
  • Daughter

    Frances Scott "Scottie" Fitzgerald was born
  • Moving

    The Fitzgeralds, along with their daughter leave for France. After spending some time in Paris, the family moves to the Riviera.
  • Hit book

    Hit book
    The Great Gatsby was written and was the defining novel of the 20's but it didn't become a huge success until after Fitzgerald died
  • Zelda

    Zelda was diagnosed in Paris with schizophrenia
  • Debts

    Fitzgerald began to work on movie scripts for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc to pay off his debts
  • Last book

    The last finished novel of Fitzgerald was called Tender is the Night
  • Change

    Fitzgerald moves to Hollywood and becomes a scriptwriter. He meets and falls in love with Sheilah Graham, who was a famous Hollywood gossip columnist. And he cheats on his wife with her, and eventually leaves her
  • Death

    Fitzgerald dies of a heart attack in Hollywood
  • Aftermath

    Zelda had spent almost 8 years going in and out of mental institutions after Fitzgerald‘s death. 1940-1948
  • Scottie Fitzgerald

    Scottie Fitzgerald
    She became a writer, a journalist, and a prominent member of the Democratic Party. She was inducted into the Alabama Women's Hall of Fame in 1992. She died Died: June 18, 1986