F Scott Fitzgerald

Timeline created by The Hell Crusader
  • The Beginning

    The day F. Scott Fitzgerald was born.
  • First Publication

    At only 14 years old, he publishes The Mystery of Raymond Mortgage at St. Paul Academy
  • The War

    The War
    He dropped out of Princeton and decided to join the army during WWI.
  • The First

    The First
    He publishes his first debut novel, The Side of Paradise.
  • Real Love

    He marries his wife, Zelda Sayre
  • The Lonely Child

    They introduce their first and only child to the world, a daughter named Frances Fitzgerald.
  • Another Published

    He publishes The Beautiful and Damned
  • Moving Time

    They all decide to move to Paris, France.
  • A Crossover?!

    F.S.F meets Ernest Hemingway at a bar in Paris.
  • The Great Gatsby

    The Great Gatsby
    He publishes the novel, The Great Gatsby
  • A Proper Return

    The family move back into the US.
  • The Disappointment

    The Disappointment
    He publishes his fourth novel Tender is the Night. It is considered a disappointment.
  • The Last

    FSF publishes his last story for The Saturday Evening Post, named Trouble
  • The End

    The End
    He unfortunately died at 44 due to a heart attack.
  • Reunited

    Zelda Fitzgerald dies in a fire at the Highland Hospital in North Carolina