F. Scott Fitzgerald

  • Born

    F. Scott Fitzgerald was born on 1896
  • College

    He got accepted in princeton university
  • Drop out

    He dropped out of Princeton because he said that there’s no badges of pride or metals after all
  • Boot camp

    Boot camp
    He joined the military to go to WWl
  • Zelda

    Fitzgerald proposed to Zelda at the end of world war 1
  • Broken

    Zelda realizes that Scott can’t give her a life full of luxuries so she breakers her engagement.
  • Marriage

    Once F. Scott Fitzgerald published his first story, he was able to get Zelda back and got married
  • Baby

    On February of 1921 Zelda gets pregnant
  • Arrival

    Zeldas and F. Scott Fitzgerald baby was born
  • Book

    On March 1922 he published the beautiful and damned
  • Life

    Their life became alcoholic and very chaotic
  • Moving

    In the spring of 1924 they moved to Europe
  • Ready

    On July he settled down to really focus on writing the Great Gatsby and his wife Zelda cheated on him
  • Travel

    In spring he went to Paris to celebrate publishing the Great Gatsby
  • misfortune

    With the Great Depression, Scotts jazz area was finished and Zelda started to lose her mind
  • New life

    In the summer he moved to Hollywood