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F. Scott Fitzgerald

By D-Man
  • Birth

    F. Scott Fitzgerald was born to Edward and Mary (Molly) in St Paul Minnesota
  • 1st School 1903-1904

    Holy Angels Convent
  • 2nd School 1905-1908

    Hardin Academy
  • 3rd School

    Newman School
  • 3rd School

    Played Football for Newman School
  • College

    Princeton University
  • Dating 1915-1917

    Dated Ginevra King
  • Engaged

    He became engaged to Zelda
  • Published

    This Side of Paradise
  • Married

    Married Zelda
  • Published

    The Beautiful and Damned
  • Published

    The Great Gatsby
  • Published

    Tender is the Night
  • Died

    At the age of 44 F. Scott Fitzgerald died.
  • Published

    The Last Tycoon with the help of Edmund Wilson, Fitzgerald’s last piece of work was completed and published.