F. Scott Fitzgerald

Timeline created by SSZora
  • Birth

    Was in St. Paul Minnesota on September 24, 1896
  • First Story

    When he was 13 he published his first story in the school newspaper he also wrote musicals
  • Meet Zelda

    While in the army he meet Zelda two years later he left the army. And wrote his first novel
  • NYC

    One year later he moved to New York to get his fortune to marry Zelda
  • Published

    Published his first book. A week after he asked Zelda to marry him.
  • Child

    The year after, then they have a child named Francis Scott Fitzgerald
  • Great Neck Long Islander

    He moved because he failed when he made a play
  • France

    Then 4 years later then moved to France to find creativity. And a year later he published “The Great Gatsby”
  • Leave France

    They left France
  • Delaware

    Two since, they moved to Delaware where Zelda trains to be a dancer
  • Tender is the Night

    Is his fourth completed novel is was between the relationship of Zelda and Scott
  • Hollywood

    In ‘37 he came to Hollywood to write screenplays so he could make money to further write his novels
  • Death

    Cause: Heart attack