Evolution of the Telephone

By emma b
  • The First Telephone

    The First Telephone
    The telephone was made to allow people to talk over long didtances.
  • Period: to

    Evolution of the telephone

  • Second Telephone

    Second Telephone
    A ringer was added to the phone so it would be easier to tell when someone was calling and it was easier to hear people.
  • new telephone

    new telephone
    Another wire circuit was added. It was added because there was noises and alot of inerference on the one line.
  • The First Push Button Phone

    The First Push Button Phone
    A inventor made the first phone that dialed with numbers and buttons. They added these because he was tired of waiting for the operators to answer and phone so he invented the new phone.
  • Mobile System B Phone

    Mobile System B Phone
    The mobile system b is a car phone that was made with transistors that enhanced the calling capacity and make its operational reliability better.
  • Todays Cell Phone

    Todays Cell Phone
    The newest cell phones are smaller because noone wants to carry a big heavy cell phone around and they take up less space and have new apps and stuff in them so phones are cooler and make life easier.