Evolution of the film industry

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  • First film

    First film
    The first film was a short clip called the "Roundhay Garden scene". film was created by putting many pictures together to make them seem like they are one strenuous film, hence the title, motion pictures. the people who invented film were Thomas Edison and his British assistant Eadweard Muybridge.
  • Period: to

    time between when film was created and when color film was created.

  • Film projectors were made

    Film projectors were made
    Film projectors were made in 1901 by Thomas Edison and his British assistant Eadweard Muybridge.
  • First animation

    First animation
    The first animation was created by a British film maker, J. Stuart Blackton in 1908 which he called Fantasmagorie.
  • Charlie Chaplin

    Charlie Chaplin
    Charlie chaplin stared in many memorable movies. He was one of the most well-known actor when movies were in black and white. He started acting in 1919 and won an academy award for best actor
  • Walt Disney's founding

    Walt Disney's founding
    Walt Disney was founded in 1923 in Los Angeles
  • First King Kong movie

    First King Kong movie
    This is the first King Kong movie, you can see a major difference between how it looks now and how it was before.
  • First color TV

    First color TV
    Colored movies were invented about 80 years ago in the 1940s, though only used for wide commercial use in the 1950s.
  • Cabin in the woods

    Cabin in the woods
    The movie Cabin in the woods is a good example of practical effects, when I say practical effects, i mean people in costumes or just anything that isn't digitally made.
  • Recent King Kong movie

    Recent King Kong movie
    This is a photo from Kong Skull Island, made in 2017. if you look at the first and the recent, one is clearly better looking than the other.