Munny speakers

Evolution of Speakers

  • Simple Electronic Loudspeaker

    Simple Electronic Loudspeaker
    Edison Tech In 1861, Johann Philipp Reis, first developed a simple type of electronic loudspeaker. During his early years he was a teacher at Germany in which he invented the hearing aid that led to his invention of the speakers. He was able to reproduce the sounds from the electrical transmission.
  • Alexander Graham Bell

    Alexander Graham Bell
    Edison Tech Alexander Graham Bell was the second to create the first ever speaker. He was trying to get some ideas off of Reis's work.
  • Inventors of the Future

    Inventors of the Future
    Edison Tech Various inventors tried using the theories before them but none were successful. They could not get the sounds clean so all they had were rough distorted sounds. Inventors thought there were no way to amplify signals to radios.
  • Werner Von Siemens

    Werner Von Siemens
    Edison Tech Werner Von Siemens first used the idea of using an electromagnetic coil to transport signals of the DC transients and also adding telegraphic signals. However, some his his ideas put him in the right start but he didn't know how to amplify sounds out of the speakers. In the near future, his theory was used by various inventors.
  • Horns

    Edison Tech Horns were the earliest form of amplication. They were first created by Thomas Edison, Magnavox, and Victrola. The problem with horns is that they could not amplify the sound. With the help of electrical amplification in future technology, the loud sounds could help fill large public places.
  • The First Loudspeaker Created

    The First Loudspeaker Created
    Edison Tech C.W. Rice and E.W. Kellogg worked together in Schenectady, New York to create the first modern speaker and the second first electric amplification system. At their first attempt, it made muffle sounds. Several years later, the two finally managed to get a clean crisp audio out of the speakers.
  • Horns to Loudspeakers

    Horns to Loudspeakers
    Edison Tech
    The first voice radios used a horn, and very quickly the horns were traded with the electrodynamic loudspeakers. For example, the WGY Radio Station. In that time, everyone now used loudspeakers but some still kept or used the horns.
  • The First Speakers Sold

    The First Speakers Sold
    Edison Tech The Speakers were sold for $250 which is about $3000 for the US today. The speakers were made under the company called RCA (Radio Corporation of America). Many were sold across the nation about 3 years after the product was ever created.
  • Radio Broadcast

    Radio Broadcast
    Edison Tech Ernst Alexanderson, inventor of the broadcast television. He tests the first television broadcast in the GE plant from his home. He uses a standard radio of the time used for the audio. He broadcasted from his home to other peoples' homes.
  • Modern Speakers of the 21st Century

    Modern Speakers of the 21st Century
    Edison Tech Over the years, many speakers were made and sold everyday. Speakers are an accessory to music and people's daily lives. A lot of inventors used the same idea but different technology and designs. Such as Philips, Skull Candy, Beats and etc. Today, we are also using earphones and headphones to listen to audio.