Evolution of National Citinzenry

By Erikl1
  • Surge of German immigrants

    During the 1830’s there was a big surge of immigrants from Germany. From the first immigrants, they would write back to families/friends in Germany. This lead the immigration surge in 1800’s.
    They became a intrigral part of society in the beginning. As their culture was slowly being implemented in American culture.
  • Surge of Irish immigrants

    Even before the 1800s Irish immigrated to the colonies. But during the mid 1840s there was a rush of Irish immigrants as there was a potato famine. They came to the states with no money. Lived in subdivided homes, these homes were highly unsanitary. Disease was high in this area, it became to the point that other racial groups did blame for the cause of the unsanitary areas.
  • First stages of Chinese Immigration

    From the original gold rush in the late 1840s. There was a spark of mass migration from China. After the gold rush, many young Chinese immigrants went to work in the construction of the gold mines. Even after all this, they still suffered through heavy racism and abuse in the west coast and near states.
  • Mexican immigration

    Even before the states became a country, Mexicans were already living in the west and south. With the Gadsden purchase many of the native Mexicans within those lands, became American citizens. But they also suffered dangerous retaliation of lands being taken away.
  • Civil rights

    The civil rights is passed in this year. Making anyone who is born or naturalized in the states is in fact a citizen. Before this the Civil had just recently ended in 1865. And within the southern states the government most mostly white. The policies from them was against the recently free slaves.
  • Chinese exclusion act

    In early 1802, a law is passed that for 10 years Chinese immigrant workers are banned from entering the US. Strict regulations are placed to make non workers to entering the country. Resident aliens were almost never given citizenship
  • Italian immigration

    During the 1880s and after, there were more immigration from Italy. Before it was mostly skilled workers than unskilled. Main cause of this was the violence happening in the home country, poor econemy.
  • Chinese exclusion act pt. 2

    After 10 years in 1892, the ban is again. Set in place permanently in 1902. This was repealed in 1943, but quotas still in place of how were allowed to immigrate