Evolution of communication

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  • Aug 5, 1450

    Printing press

    Printing press
    printing press crediate sight The printing press was invited by Johannes Gutenburg. It was invited in 1450 to make books rapitly
    It was the first machine ever to make things
  • 1714 typewriter

    1714 typewriter
    type writer sight Henry mill invented the first typewriter in 1714 and got one of the first patents for it. There were many outn there but his was the only one with a Arial font
  • Telegraph

    telegraphIt was a system for transmitting messages from a distance along a wire , especallyone creating signals by making and breaking an electrical connection.
  • Computer

    Charles Babbage invented the first computer in 1871. It was huge compared to the ones today. it didnt have a screen and had like a million buttons
  • Telephone

    first telephone The first one was created by Alexander Graham Bell. The first -phone to bi-directionaly transmit by Bell and Watson
  • Internet

    inernet credit sight One of the most usefull tools today the internet was invented by Robert E Kahn. It was used to send people information from one computer to the next. It is used everday by big compony's and the stock market.
  • iphone

    iphone websiteIt wasn't the first smart phone but it was one of the most popular
    and advanced phones when it came out. The creator of the iphone was Steve Jobs. It is getting more used and devolping over time.
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    Dec 5, 1450

    Evoultion of Communication