Evolution of Cheerleading Uniforms

  • The 1930's

    The 1930's
    In the 1930's the uniform for men consisted of matching collared shirts, slacks and a belt. They also used megaphones to help cheer the crowd in sync. Women wore sweaters and below the knee length skirts.
  • The 1940's

    The 1940's
    Not much changed over the decade, woman wore long wool skirts, collared shirts and cardigans.. their unirform also reflected the fashion at the time. The men still wore the same thing.
  • The 1950's

    The 1950's
    Uniforms became more matching and on the sweaters the letter of their school would usually be on the front. 1-3 vertical stripes ran down the side of the mens pants. It was usually made easier to pick out the captain of the team as they would have a slighty different uniform to the others. Women's skirts were still wool, however they were a bit shorter but still below the knee.
  • The 1960's

    The 1960's
    The uniforms completely changed in the 1960's as it was acceptable to wear short skirts. So they skirt rose to above the knee and they wore breathable cotton shirts, sweat shirts, crew neck sweaters and pleats were introduced in to the style of the skirt. From around now on, cheerleading began to be more of a girl sports than a boys, which it first began as.
  • The 1970's

    The 1970's
    Sandals were replaced by tennis shoes and skirts became a lot shorter. Plaid patterns and more pleats were introduced as well as shell tops and tighter sweaters.
  • 1980's

    The uniforms in the 1980's aren't as much different to the ones that are around now. In addition to the pleat that was introduced earlier, striped tapping was adding to the sides or bottom of the cheer skirt.
  • The 1990's

    The 1990's
    Uniforms from the 1980's didn't change much.
  • The 2000's

    The 2000's
    Since routines become harder with more extreme stunts, harder tumbling and faster dance routines, the uniforms became mostly made out of polyester and spandex. Some cheerleading squads have also changed uniform details by adding metallic spandex and animal print fabrics and using lots of colour combinations.