Evolution of Business

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  • 1837

    The Company Proctor and Gamble was founded by William Proctor and James Gamble.
    -first real buisness formed
    -gave way for other buisness to form
  • 1850

    The company called The American Express was formed by Henery Wells and WIlliam Fargo
    -first banking company
    -made way for other banks and credit cards to come
  • 1873

    The first pair of blue jeans were sold by Levi Strauss and company.
    -more clothes companies would start to form
    -now people have other clothing options rather than make them thier self
  • 1877

    Bell telephone company was formed.
    -now people have a better way of communication
    -just the start of telephones.
  • 1881

    The first department store was opened in Detroit

    - this was the first real store that detroit had
    - many new stores are going to begin to pop up
  • 1886

    An atlanta pharmasist invents the coca-cola formula.
    -pepsi was invented shortly after that
    - coca-cola then invented a diet drink
  • 1888

    Kodak released its 1st sucessful camera
    - many new camera brands begin to show up
    -different cameras for different price ranged
  • 1892

    General electric was formed through a merger.
  • 1894

    milton hershey sold his first candy bar
  • 1899

    Bell telephone changed its name to ATT
    - just the start of things to come for ATT
    - now ATT is a national company
  • 1903

    ford motor company was founded
    -shortly after Buick was formed
    -many different styles of cars are made today
  • 1908

    the modle t was introduced
    - this was the first real car
    - now look at how many cars we have avalible today.
  • 1913

    ford introduces the assembly line
  • 1923

    walt disney company was founded
  • 1926

    NBC news was formed
  • 1935

    the first airlplane flights occored
  • 1957

    the first forign car was sold in america(toyota)
  • 1958

    first credit card was formed by bank of america.
  • 1962

    the first walmart opend
  • 1971

    the first starbucks opened
  • 1975

    bill gates founded microsoft
  • 1981

    the first computer was sold with microsoft on it
  • 1995

    amazon was created
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    Evolution of Business