Evolution of Birds

  • Ornithodira

    230 mya First to have advanced metatarsal ankle that allowed the Ornithodira to have multiple bones in its ankle to enable it to be more agile.
  • Dinosauria

    200 mya Evolved a third sacral vertebrae making the Dinosauria more flexible in order to be more dexterous when running and turning Also aquired a reduced fibula that reduced its weight and move quicker.
  • Longisquama

    200 mya Small lizard-like dinosaur that showed the decreasing size from the original dinosaurs to modern birds.
  • Sinosauropteryx

    120 mya First known presence of feathers. Led to more development of aerodynamic navigational properties
  • Oviraptor

    75 mya Bird-like rib cage that keeps rigid to allow solid body whilst moving. Smaller bodies that allow more agile movement and possibly flight
  • Archaeopteryx

    Considered the "first bird" - 150 mya First organism to have feathers and fly, first "bird." More complex than ancestors, led to smaller, modern birds.
  • Birds

    Birds with feathers, hollow bones, wings, small bodies, flying organisms