• Herbert spencer born

    born in derbyshire england
  • thomas henry huxley born

    born in Ealing, Middlesex
  • huxleys great debate

    Huxleys debate with Samuel Wilberforce was a turning point in getting support for the public acceptance of evolution
  • All embracing conception of evolution

    he wrote about evolution before darwin
  • Ronald fisher born

    East Finchley, London, England
  • thomas huxley death

  • herbert spencer death

    died of poor health
  • Fundamental theorem of natural selection

  • Stephen Jay Gould Born

    Stephen Gould was born in bayside new york
    his father was a court stenographer
    his mother an artist
  • ronald fisher death

  • Punctuated equilibrium

    sometime in 1972 stephen jay gould and niles eldredge co developed the theory of Punctuated equilibrium. Which basically shows that most species wont evolve in the rest of their existince
  • Stephen Gould Death

    stephen died of a form of lung cancer that spread to his brain and killed him 20 years earlier he was diagnosed with a type of cancer that effects the abdominal lining