Events of World War II

By halh
  • Germany Invades Poland

    Germany Invades Poland
    Germany launches a blitzkrieg (lightning war) on Poland, destroying defences in the west while Russia, as agreed with Germany, crosses from the east. Trapped, Poland surrenders.
  • Period: to

    Phoney War

    Allies prepare for the war that is to come as well as Germany. War was expected, yet nothing occured in this period of time.
  • Germany Launches "Blitzkrieg" on Denmark and Norway

    German Panzers rush through enemy lines while paratroopers drop from the sky, trapping their enemies in order to take over the strategic location of Norway.
  • Germany Invades France, Belgium, Luxemburg and the Netherlands

    The German army worked quickly and effortlessly. Most of Holland was overrun in four days. They reached the Maginot Line in ten days. Belguim surrenders on May 27. France surrenders on June 22.
  • Period: to

    Allies Evacuate Dunkirk

    Unable to defeat the Germans coming towards Dunkirk, Allied troops retreat on hundreds of various boats to England.
  • Period: to

    Battle of Britain

    The Britain air force fights the German Luftwaffe in a massive air battle. German planes bomb cities, killing civilians and destroying buildings. Despite their numbers, they could not defeat the British Air Force.
  • Hitler gives up Invading Britain

    Seeing that the British Air Force was having more and more success in shooting down Germany's bombers, Hitler gives up the invasion.
  • Japanese Planes Bomb U.S. Naval Base

    Japanese Planes Bomb U.S. Naval Base
    The U.S. Naval Base in Pearl Harbour was bombed, destroying half the fleet.
  • Japanese take Hong Kong

    Japanese take Hong Kong
    Canadian soldiers were sent to Hong Kong with the British officers knowing that they will be defeated. The untrained Canadians were no match for the veteran Japanese troops. Less than half were able to return to England, while the rest were killed or captured.
  • The Dieppe Raid

    The Dieppe Raid
    Allies carried out a "practice raid" in order to prepare for an actual invasion and to also satisfy American and Russian demands for a second front. It was a terrible failure. A ship carrying Canadian soldiers unexpectably met a German convoy, which alerted those on shore. The ships were delayed, so Allies landed in broad daylight. The Germans slaughtered them as a result.
  • Canadians Help Allies Invade Sicily

    The Allies fought in what was thought to be the "soft underbelly" of Europe. Battles were slow and were often fought house by house.
  • Allies take Rome

    After a difficult advance, the Allies finally take Rome.
  • Allies Launch "Operation Overlord"

    Allies Launch "Operation Overlord"
    The largest invasion in history was launched on D-Day. Allies were sent to five points along the beachin France and were given the task of pushing the Germans back. The Canadian soldiers in Juno were the most successful, pushing the Germans the farthest out of all the troops.
  • Germany Surrenders

    Germany Surrenders
    Due to the success of D-Day, Germany surrenders, defeated. Hitler and his wife commit suicide.