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Events during WWII

  • Germany invades Poland *

    On September first 1939 Germany invaded Poland to finnalyend the allied nations appeasement with Hitler and start World War 2
  • Britain and France declare war

    For the second time in only 40 years the world is at war, this day was when Britain and France declared war on Germany
  • Canada declares war

    One full week after Britain and France delcare war on Germany Canada does as well, and unlike the First World War Canada declared war seperate from Britain
  • British Commonwealth Air Training Plan

    Canada's way of keeping its soldier's of the front lines, but still directly contributing to the allied war effort. This plan was getting all allied pilots to train in the NAZI free sky's of the Praries.
  • Evacuation of Dunkirk

    The evacuation of Dunkirk was when the allies had been pushed back so far they had to retreat back to Britain, they used every ship that could travel to Dunkirk and back, and ended up evacuating 340000 men
  • Conscription threatens Canada again

    Conscription was introduced again but only for home defense for the time being, but it still upset many French Canadians
  • France surrenders*

    This is when things really started to look bad as now only one country in Europe was left standing against Hitler, it also marked when the allies lost all of their land in Eruope besides the U.K
  • Battle of Britain

    Battle of Britain
    This was the start of the Luftwaffe campaign of bombing Britain, killed 23000 people who were mostly British civialians, the Luftwaffe attack was unsuccesful, and Britain was never occupied by Germany
  • Germany invades U.S.S.R*

    Germany invades U.S.S.R*
    This was perhaps Germany's biggest millatary mistake during WWII because on the Russian front is where Hitler began to lose and it started a two front war soon after. Some say if Hitler didn't invade U.S.S.R he would have taken over all of europe and perhaps the world
  • The Final Solution

    Hitlers "Final Solution" was to start a mass genocide against many peoples including Jews, Blacks, and Gypsies. An estemated 10 million were killed in NAZI camps
  • Pearl Harbour

    Pearl Harbour
    Was a suprise attack on the American fleet at Pearl Harbour temporarily criplling the the fleet. But the Attack did more damage to Japan then it gained as its caused America to go to war with Japan and caused mass production and training of Army goods
  • U.S Joins the war!

    On this day President F.D Rosevelt made his famous "Day of Infamy" speech and America joined the war. Their was now a war in the Pacific and Europe
  • Canada losses in Hong Kong

    These were the first Canadian casualties of the war, and just like at Dieppe it is argued if they were of any strategic value, or hope
  • Japanese Canadians sent to internment camps

    Possibly the most controversial thing Canadians did during the war. What happened was all Japanese people were sent to internment camps were they lost their property, rights, and Canadian citizenship
  • Vote to support conscription in Canada

    Canadians vote to get King out of his promise to not conscript Canadians. The vote is succesful every Province except Quebec
  • Canada loses a thousand at Dieppe

    Canada loses a thousand at Dieppe
    Aside from Hong Kong this was Canada's first action of WWII and just like Hong Kong many believe they were pointless suicide missions, but Dieppe provided very important intel for the later raids on Normandy
  • Victory at last!

    The first victory of the war was in El Alamein, this was the first time the Axis were stopped and marked the fisrt signs of a winnable war
  • Invasion of Sicily

    The first time the non U.S.S.R Allies won in Europe, Canadian forces lead the charge through Sicily and after just two week the Allies were starting to win Europe back
  • Canadians win at Ortona

    The Canadian troops fought hard in this tight and narrow Italian city, and lost 1372 brave Canadian soldiers
  • D-Day landings*

    D-Day landings*
    This was the largest scale invasion of the war and arguably the most important event. This was when 30000 Canadians and about 150000 toatal troops were deployed over the five Normandy beaches code named, Juno, Sword. Gold, Omaha, and Utah
  • Germany surrenders

    This is the day Germany surrendered with the U.S on one side of Berlin and the Soviets on the other. Hitler had killed himself a few days before, and the European war was over
  • First Atomic Bomb dropped*

    First Atomic Bomb dropped*
    This bomb killed 80000 Japanese people mostly citizens, flatend the city and marked the beggining of the Atomic era. It was also one of the most controversial things in the war.
  • Second Atomic Bomb dropped

    This was the second time the world was exposed to Atomic warefare this time killing 40000 people and again mostly civiallians.
  • Japan Surrenders

    After the detonation of two Atomic bombs on two seperate city's Japan called it quits and the War was over just as a new one begun.
  • Canadian's Liberate the Netherlands

    While America was charging towards Berlin Canada was cleaning out North West Europe and Liberating all NAZI occupied lands in that region