• Euler was born in Basel, Switzerland

    Euler was born in Basel, Switzerland
    Mother: Marguerite Brucker Father: Paul Euler
  • Period: to

    Leonhard Euler

  • University of Basel

    at the age of 13
  • Master of Philosophy

    dissertation compared Descartes and Newton
  • De Sono

    dissertation on the propogation of sound
  • Imperial russian Academy of sciences

    promoted from his junior post to a position in the mathematics department.
  • Paris Academy Prize Problem Competition

  • Professor of Physics

  • married Katharina Gsell

  • becam nearly blind in right eye

  • Berlin Academy

    left St. Petersburg due to continuing turmoil in Russia
  • Introductio in analysin infintorum

  • Institutiones calculi differentialis

  • Royal sweedish Academy of Sciences

    elected a foreign member
  • differential calculus

  • suffered cataract in left eye

    almost completely blind in both eyes
  • returned to St. Petersburg Academy

  • lost his home in a fire

  • Katharina died

  • married Salome Abigail

  • suffered a brain hemorrhage and died

  • marble bust was placed at the Russian Academy of sciences