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Ernst Mach time line

By Mfariss
  • Born - Ernst Mach

    Ernst Mach was born in Moravia at the time of it being in the Austrian empire (Britannica 2022)
  • What started Mach's interest

    What started Mach's interest
    Through out the 1860's artillery was being developed for ammunition to travel faster than the speed of sound in which it was noted that there was a 2nd loud boom which created a intense pressure which latter began Mach's interest in studying sonic shockwaves. (Williams 2008)
  • Married

    Mach married Ludovica Marussig in 1867 whom he had 4 sons and 1 daughter with. (
  • The ear helps with balance

    The ear helps with balance
    Separate from each other Mach and Physician Josef Breuer both discovered a part of the ear that helps control human balance which were named "semi circular canals" (
  • Mach speed

    Mach is best known for his work in sound waves. Mach's name is associated with the speed of sound with the term "Mach 1". (Williams 2008)
  • Mach's Principle

    Mach's principle was a term that was first used by Albert Einstein which states That inertia is dictated by the interactions between that system and the rest of the universe. (Academic Kids)
  • Ernst Mach's book

    Ernst Mach's book
    In 1897 Ernst Mach wrote his book "L'Analyse des sensations" which translates to "The Analysis of Sensations" in English
    Where he wrote that all knowledge is derived from sensation. The book was translated to English by C M Williams
  • Death

    Mach died February 19, 1916 at his son's house in Vaterstetten Germany (