Ernst Mach

  • The Beginning

    His name was Ernst Waldfried Josef Wenzel Mach, born Brno, Moravia, Austrian Empire( Present-day Czech Republic) he was an Austrian physicist and a philosopher. what he was famous for was the important principles of optics, mechanics, and wave dynamics. his early life was taught at home up until the age of 14, then he went to the Univesity of Vienna at the age of 17.
  • Period: to

    Ernst Mach

  • 1860-1864

    Ernst Mach had gotten his doctorate degree in physics, started teaching mechanics and physics in Vienna until 1864, and then became a professor in mathematics at the university of Graz. Soon after had an interest in Psychology and physiology of sensation.
  • 1864

    AS his interests have grown for psychology and physiology of sensation, he discovered the physiological phenomena called (Mach's Band's). This optical illusion contrasts between edges of the slightly different shades of gray, and when contracted, it triggers edge detection in the one visual system. Which is shown in the picture.
  • 1867

    Ernst mach had soon aftrer became a Professor of experimental physics at the Charles University in Prague staying here for 28 years. he started workin gon experiments such as (Kinesthetic sensation) the ability to know accurately the postions an dmovemetns of ones skeletal joints.
  • philosophy of science

    philosophy of science
    Ernst made major contributions to physics, philosophy, and physiological psychology. in physics, the speed of sound bears his name as he was the first to systematically study super-sonic motion. he also understands the doppler effect. Which the Doppler effect is an increase or decrease in the frequency of sound, light, or other waves as the source and observer move towards each other