Ernest Nagel a American Philosopher of Science.

  • Born in Nové Město, Bohemia, Austria-Hungary (now capital of the Czech Republic; then part of the Austro Hungarian Empire)

  • Immigrated to the United States

  • Received American Citizenship

  • He earned a Bachelor of Science degree

    From the City College of New York
  • Earned his Doctorate from Columbia University

  • Period: to

    He taught Philosophy at Columbia University

    He developed “contextualistic analysis,” an approach that emphasized the study of logic and philosophy as they were used in empirical science and experimentation, rather than as a separate discipline.
  • Published a Book

    His book (with Morris R. Cohen) illustrates the function of logical principles in scientific method in the natural and social sciences and in law and history. Is a college level primer on logic. This book was widely used by scholars especially those studying economics as an introduction to logical thought in preparation for intellectual discourse.
  • He married Edith Haggstrom

    The couple had two children, Alexander and Sidney.
  • Period: to

    He served as an editor of the Journal of Philosophy

  • Period: to

    He served as an editor of the the Journal of Symbolic Logic

  • Sovereign Reason (Book 4)

  • In Logic Without Metaphysics (Book 2)

    In Logic Without Metaphysics he defended a naturalistic interpretation of logic, denying the ontological necessity of logico-mathematical principles and arguing that they must be understood according to their function in specific inquiries.
  • Gödel’s Proof (Book 5)

    (with James R. Newman)
  • The Structure of Science (Book 3)

    Analyzes the nature of explanation, the logic of scientific inquiry, and the logical structure of the organization of scientific knowledge
  • Teleology Revisited (Book 6)

  • Died in New York City

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