Ernest Nagel

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  • Birth

    Ernest Nagel was Born in Nové Mesto, Bohemia (now Czechoslovakia) to parents Isadore Nagel, a businessman, and Frida Wiess Nagel. He relocated to the United States when he was 10 years old.
  • Principles

    Nagel authored, Introduction to Logic and Scientific Method, along with philosopher Morris R. Cohen. This is where Nagel made a change from logical realism to an empirical and theoretical view of philosophy in science¹. He exemplified logical principles in scientific method and stressed the roles of hypothesis is research. To Nagel statements had to be verifiable in order to have meaning. and become a major figure for the logical positivism movement.
  • Further Work

    Further Work
    Nagel authored the Principles of the Theory of Probability where he analyzes the term probability with a philosophers method. He expands on the terms everyday use and how probability is used in many branches of science. He further elaborates on the debate between rationalism and empiricism. Where rationalist say concepts can be beyond perception and how reason can be used used to gain information while empiricist use complementary lines of thought².
  • Death

    Ernest Nagel Passed age 83 in New York.
  • Insight

    Linked below is a video that quickly elaborates on Logical Positivism in which Ernest Nagel was a pioneer.
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    He received his Bachelors of Science Degree from New York City College. Later receiving his Masters Degree and Ph.D in Philosophy both from Columbia University.
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    Nagel spent most of his career at Columbia University serving as a professor. His revolutionary work as a logician was recognized and he received many honors during his time there including the Guggenheim Fellow in 1934-35 and 1950-51¹. He was also elected to American Philosophical Society in 1962¹.