Ernest Hemingway: A Walk Through Time

  • Birth

    The Hemingway Resource CenterHe was born in Oak Park, Illinois to Dr. Clarence and Grace at 8 in the morning.
  • Period: to

    Ernest Hemingway's Life.

  • High School

    High School
    LifeHemingway entered River Forest High School. He played football, boxed, and wrote the schools newspaper.
  • Graduation

    Graduation He graduated from highschool not to go to college but instead take a club job for the Kansas City Star newspaper.
  • Army

    Ernest leaves the newspaper and tries to join the U.S. Army during World War I. The Army rejects him because of poor eyesight, so he becomes a driver with Red Cross.
  • Agnes

    While working for Red Cross, he falls in love with a woman named Agnes who is way older than him.
  • Paris

    Hemingway has left Agnes and is now married to Elizabeth Hadley Richardson. They leave for Paris to take up a writing oppurtunity for the Toronto Star.
  • Divorce

    Hemingway divorces Elizabeth and marries Pauline. Together they have a son. By this time, Ernest has written 2 books.
  • Children

    Hemingways third and last child is born. They name him Gregory.
  • Divorced and Remarried

    He divorced Pauline and a few weeks later he marries Martha. Shes also a writer for a newspaper. They move to cuba where they stay for around 20 years.
  • Fishing

    Hemmingway took up a new hobby. He enjoyed fishing.
  • Final Wife

    Final Wife
    Hemingway divorces his 3rd wife and marries Mary Welsh. By this time in his life, he has written multiple books.
  • Career

    His most famous book, The Old Man and the Sea, was written. It was published in Life Magazing bringing him great success.
  • Death

    Ernest Hemingway TimelineHemingway commits accidental suicide while suffering from depression and alcoholism,