Ernest hemingway

Ernest Hemingway

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  • Ernest Birth date!

    Ernest Birth date!
    Image Source Birth Date :1899
  • Place of Birth

    Place of Birth
    Image Source Oak Park,United States,Illinois
  • House of Birth

    House of Birth
  • pets at Home

    pets at Home
    Image Source Ernest Love Cats Any time In his Life did he have cats!
  • Music Life

    Music Life
    Image Source and Paragraph! When he wasn't hunting or fishing his mother taught him the finer points of music. Grace was an accomplished singer who once had aspirations of a career on stage, but eventually settled down with her husband and occupied her time by giving voice and music lessons to local children, including her own. Hemingway never had a knack for music and suffered through choir practices and cello lessons, however the musical knowledge he acquired from his mother helped him share in his first wife Hadley's in
  • Loved in writing

    Loved in writing
    Image and Paragraph Citation!n high school Hemingway played many sports, and excelled academically. He showed a particular talent for writing. He wrote for both his high school’s newspaper, Trapeze, and for the yearbook, Tabula. Within the Oak Park public school system, Hemingway saw his first writings published, sometimes using the pen name Ring Lardner, Jr. Approxiament time
  • ernest favorite things!

    ernest favorite things!
    Hunting and fishing remained two of Hemingway’s favorite pastimes throughout his life. Aproxiamently the 1923 at his summer house! on the 11th
  • Ernest Book

    Ernest Book
    the book by ernest called The Nick Adams Stories< in 1972 after his death the books werre put in order! Image Source