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I Masters - Erikson Timeline PSY A150

By YouKnow
  • Felix and Lisa marriage (intimacy versus isolation)

    Felix and Lisa marriage (intimacy versus isolation)
    Felix (age 22) decided to tie the knot with his high school sweetheart, Lisa. They have been dating since high school and can’t wait to share their future together for the rest of their life. In Erikson's fifth stage, intimacy versus isolation, the crisis is between becoming emotionally close to others in committed relationships (intimacy) or keeping to oneself - not letting anyone know you and not being committed to relationships with others.
  • Join military (generativity versus stagnation)

    Join military (generativity versus stagnation)
    To effectively provide a better future for the family, Felix resigned from sales clerk and decided to join the military for the health benefits they had to offer. He continued to work for the government after retiring from the military - In Erikson’s seventh stage of generativity versus stagnation is focused on how to contribute to the well-being of the next generation by providing for and caring for others.
  • The end of Felix's life (Ego integrity versus despair)

    The end of Felix's life (Ego integrity versus despair)
    Felix died surrounded by his wife of 60 years, 3 children, and 10 grandchildren. He has few regrets when he looked back on his 82 years - knowing that he could have done better to support his family- In Erikson's eighth stage of ego integrity versus despair, the crisis is between satisfaction with one's life despite its imperfections (ego integrity) and profound regret and wishing to be able to do one's life over but recognizing it is too late (despair).