Erikson Timeline

Timeline created by masaabaza
  • Event 1

    A. December 12, 1985.
    B. Johnny Appleseed (age 7) scored his first touchdown during his after school football game and received his praises from his team and family members.
    C. In Erikson's fourth stage, industry vs. inferiority.
    D. The crisis is developing a sense of pride and accomplishment within oneself while comparing oneself to others.
  • Event 2

    A. September 6, 1995.
    B. Johnny Appleseed (age 17) begins to look for colleges to apply for and researches potential career choices by visiting his school library everyday after school.
    C. In Erikson's fifth stage, identity vs. role confusion.
    D. The crisis is trying to discover who his adult self will be like and trying to find what his place in the world will be.
  • Event 3

    A. May 26, 2003
    B. Johnny Appleseed (age 25) is marrying his college sweetheart, Mary. They are getting married in order to become one and fulfill each other's emotional selves and grow with one another for the rest of their lives.
    C. In Erikson's sixth stage, intimacy vs. isolation.
    D. The crisis is to find someone to share intimacy with.