Erikson's Eight psychosocial stage

Timeline created by Statarenko
  • Early Childhood

    When Steven who is 3 years old was at home. He asked his father whether he can use the restroom alone this time because he already knows how to use the toilet. In this Erikson's second stage of autonomy versus shame and doubt, he finally figures out to become more independent and that is less shameful for him.
  • School Age

    Steven is now 10 years old and is finally entering middle school. He is now learning on how to interact with others and what needs to be done for him to succeed. Steven is currently in Erikson's forth stage of Industry and Inferiority and he began feeling inferiority when he failed his first test. Then he realized in order for himself to succeed, he will need to get help from others.
  • Young Adulthood

    Steven is now 20 years old and is currently looking for a relationship. Since he has a stable job and enough income to start a family. Steven is on 6th stage of intimacy versus isolation. Since he is setup and is looking for a relationship, he is on his intimacy potion of adulthood.