Erickson Timeline

Timeline created by soumchiche
  • Identity vs Role Confusion

    Lance(18) made a decision to go to college to study engineering. This is an example of Erickson's fifth stage, identity versus role confusion. Lance is displaying the fifth stage, of exploring his goals. He is developing his personal identity and is becoming more independent. The career choice decision is a big step in creating one's independence.
  • Intimacy vs. Isolation

    Lance (38) and Zahia married each other based on their decision to spend the rest of their lives together. The made a decision to share themselves with each other which is Erickson sixth stage, intimacy versus isolation. Both of them decided to live a life together rather in isolation. They both successfully completed this stage by deciding to develop a happy relationship with each other and commit to one another.
  • Generatively vs. Stagnation

    Lance(65) attended his daughter's college graduation. This marks an accomplishment to Lance as he is making his mark. This is an example of Erickson's seventh stage, generatively versus stagnation. Lance displays this stage by wanting to give back to society through raising his daughter. A child's graduation is seen as an achievement by parents when raising their children. Lance showed that he has contributed to society by raising a child who will now contribute to society as well.