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EPIC WWII BATTLES OF HISTORY!!!!!! (Allies vs. Axis)

By Adam715
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  • Battle of Midway

    One of the most important naval battles in the pacific ocean during WWII. This battle was between the Japanesse and the Americans. The Japanese were going to occupy this island to boost up their defenses and then they were going to work on invading more land. However the Americans got some of thier intel and sent of for Midway later on they ambushed the Japanese and they lost alot of boats.
  • Stalingrad

    The battle of Stalingrad was fought between the Germans and the Russians, the battle was fought over the city Stalingrad in Russia. In the end the Russian stuck in the city and won the fight.
  • The Battle of El Alamein

    The Battle of El Alamein
    It was a battle for the Suez Canal, one of the major suppling ports in WWII it was important because it would cut back on death for the Allies and it would allow the Allies to get Amercain troops to war faster. The battle was between General Rommel (German) and General Montgomery (British) The Allies won this battle.
  • D-Day

    D-Day was the Americans invaison on France it was a major part in winning the war against the Axis. The war was a mix of American, Canadian, and British soldiers. Using land, air, and sea to invade France. It was the largest amphibuis invaison known to date. In the end the Allies won this battle
  • Battle of the Bulge

    The Battle of the Bulge was one of the Germans major advancements, until the Allies showed up, This battle was important to the germans because they were usposed to take back alot of ground however they could not push through the Allied defenses resulting in a loss for the germans.
  • Iwo Jima

    Iwo Jima was a battle for the island Iwo Jima for the Allies to get a good foothold on the japansees forces. However they had a long fight to get there. In the end after a month of fighting the Allies emergerd victorious. It later was called one of the bloddiest battles in the Pacific.
  • Okinawa

    The battle of Okinawa was for the island Okinawa between America and Japan. It was important because it was very close to the main land of Japan and now the Americans were on the verge to victory in the Pasific. In the end Okinawa was an American victory.