Environmental Timeline

  • Georgia Vs. Tennessee Copper Company and Ducktown Sulphur

    Georgia Vs. Tennessee Copper Company and Ducktown Sulphur
    Georgia filed suit against the Tennessee Copper Company and Ducktown Sulphur because fumes from the companies were coming across the state border and polluting the communities, making georgians sick, and killing forests.
  • Clean Air Act

    Clean Air Act
    Congress passed the first Clean Air Act, which regulated air pollution and emissions. It regulated air pollution and emissions so the Air is Clean.
  • NASA Photo Release

    NASA Photo Release
    NASA released a “Blue Marble” photo taken in space for Americans to see what it looks like outside of the earth. Now, this way People on earth can see what Space looks like Live.
  • Antartic Treaty

    Antartic Treaty
    The Antarctic Treaty protected Antarctica from the dumping of nuclear waste. 46 countries, including the United States and the former Soviet Union signed the treaty.
  • First Earth Day

    First Earth Day
    The First earth day celebrated by 20 million people from all over the globe.Since the first earth day took place, we now celebrate it every year.
  • Endangered Species Act

    Endangered Species Act
    First endangered species act passed by congress. The first Endangered species act was made by congress to Protect Endangered Species from extinction.
  • Global Warming Warning

    Global Warming Warning
    Congress warned by NASA about global warming. By trapping heat near the surface of the earth, Global Warming is warming the planet and threatening the environment.
  • Earth Summit Day

    Earth Summit Day
    The Earth Summit held in Rio de Janeiro, resulting in the signing of the Convention on Climate Change and the Earth Charter, a global pledge to control global warming. Climate Change and The Earth Charter controlled global Warming with its Global Pledge.
  • Live Earth Concerts

    Live Earth Concerts
    Live Earth Concerts took place at 11 locations around the world to raise awareness of Climate Change. Ever since this Event Occured, it made an impact on Earth.Concerts and other Events are occuring all over the world to raise money and other things for a certain Event such as money for cures, or donations for EarthQuakes.
  • San Francisco Oil Spill

    San Francisco Oil Spill
    A container ship full of oil crashed into the San Francisco bridge spilling 58,000 gallons of oil into the bay. The Oil being spilled into the bay killled many living things living in the water and is bad for their envoirnment.