Environmental Timeline

Timeline created by ImaniRockz
  • National Park Service

    National Park Service
    Congress passed the National Park Service, 84.6 billion acres of preserved land is approximately 400 parks across america
  • Bald Eagle Preservation Act.

    Bald Eagle Preservation Act.
    Congress passed the Bald Eagle Preservation Act. The Bald Eagle was removed from the endangered species list in 2007
  • Silent Spring

    Silent Spring
    Rachel Carson published "Silent Spring" to warn the dangers of pesticides
  • Wilderness Act.

    Wilderness Act.
    Congress passed the Wilderness Act. Now there are 90 million acres of preserved wilderness in the U.S.
  • Blue Marble

    Blue Marble
    NASA released the "Blue Marble" photo of earth from space to raise awareness of enviormetal issues
  • Earth Day Celebration

    Earth Day Celebration
    The first Earth Day was celebrated by 20 millilon people around the country, but now is celebrated annually around the world
  • Crying Indian

    Crying Indian
    The Ad. Council and Keep America Beautiful first aired the commercial "Crying Indian" on nationwide television
  • Safe Drinking Water Act.

    Safe Drinking Water Act.
    Congress passed the Safe Drinking Water Act, to protect americans from contaminated water
  • Julia Butterfly Hill

    Julia Butterfly Hill
    Julia Hill lived 735 days in the top of a 180- feet tall California Coast, Redwood Tree
  • Live Earth Concert

    Live Earth Concert
    Live Earth concerts around the world to raise awareness of climate change