Environmental Science Timeline

  • Period: to


  • Bernardo Razzimazzi

    Stated how the negative changes to the environment (dust, chemicals, etc;) could harm people
    Used the Cinchona to help treat Malaria
  • Industrial Revolution

    Smoke from factories pollutes the air
    Uses up natural resources that can’t be renewed
  • Thomas Malthus

    >says that in population doesn’t get counted, resources could run out
    >the way people lived could be harmful for the environment and other people
  • Agricultural revolution

    >more tools were invented to use on the farm and helped the crops grow
    >gave more resources of food to people
  • Civilian Conservation Corps

    March 31st,1933
    focused on road construction, flood control, reforestation, and soil erosion prevention.
    Improved/constructed state/national parks
  • WWII

    >Oil fields, fires, smoke and chemicals pollute the air
    >Water and Soil were also polluted
  • WWII

    >Oil fields, fires, smoke and chemicals pollute the air
    >Water and Soil were also polluted
  • General Motors (Ethyl Corp.)


    >reduced engine “knock”, but increased pollution from cars
    >worse for the environment that the regular gasoline
  • Atomic Bomb Testing

    August 1945
    >Released nuclear substances to the area
    >Caused smoke to enter the sky and to rain “Back Rain”
  • Tragedy of the Commons

    December 1968
    Says that many of the environmental problems today are caused by people and overpopulation and the over use of natural resources
    Says that the quality of life that people are living are hurting the Earth and everything and everyone on it
  • Rainbow Warrior

    >end nuclear bomb testing in the Pacific Ocean
    >Stops illegal fishing and shipments of illegal wood
  • Chernobyl

    April 26th,1986
    >made environment in that area in radio active
    >Water pollution also
  • Exxon Valdez

    March 24th,1989
    >Oil Spill
    >Occurred in Alaska; bound for California; Hit Prince William Sound’s Bligh Reef
  • Persian Gulf War

    August 2nd,1990 – February 28th,1991
    >11 million barrels of oil released into the Gulf
    >Air pollution by fire and smoke
  • China's Three Gorges Dam

    Dec 14th, 1994 - July 4th, 2012
    >Created more electricity than 18 nuclear power plants
    >One the Yangzi River in China
  • “An Inconvenient Truth”

    >Says that global warming is real
    >Global warming will and has extinct organisms
  • BP Oil Spill

    April 20th, 2010
    >Contaminated the water in the Gulf of Mexico
    >at LEAST 8000 birds, sea turtles, and marine animals were found dead or injured