Environmental Science

  • Wildlife Conservation Society

    Wildlife Conservation Society
    Founder - Henry Osborn and Andrew Green
    The original name for this organization was the New York Zoological Society. It was formed to advance wildlife conservation and protecting species. The mission is to save wildlife and wild place with the use of science.
  • The Nature Conservancy

    The Nature Conservancy
    Founder – Richard Dough
    Protect important lands and water for nature and people. They protect more than 119 million acres of land. They address threats that involves climate change, fresh water, and ocean and conservation land.
  • World Wide Fund for Nature

    World Wide Fund for Nature
    Founder – Prince Bernhard
    Create a solution that serve nature and people. They focus on many species such as Giant pandas, tigers and elephants. The main goal is to protect the environment.
  • African Wildlife foundation

    African Wildlife foundation
    Founder – Russell Train
    Focus on African species including elephants, rhinos and lions. They target large areas of land to create more boundaries for animals. They also focus on conserving the ecosystem and resolving human-wildlife conflict.
  • International Fund for Animal Welfare

    International Fund for Animal Welfare
    Founder- Brian Davies
    Save individual animals, animal populations and habitat. They rescue and care for many animals and make solution for long term protection.
  • Mountain Gorilla Doctors

    Mountain Gorilla Doctors
    Founder – Dlan Fossey
    Mid-1980 .Protection and saving mountain gorillas in Rwanda’s volcano national park. Providing veterinarians that monitor each habituated mountain Gorilla Park.
  • Show Leopard trust

    Show Leopard trust
    Founder – Helen Freeman
    Protect endangered leopards. They use sound science to determine priorities for protecting the endangered snow leopards.
  • Key Deer

    Key Deer
    The president position for this organization is open. The main goal is to save key deer from extinction. Decrease the number of death from human deer interaction.
  • Wildlife Alliance

    Wildlife Alliance
    Founder – Suwanna Gauntlett
    Protecting endangered and trafficking wildlife preserving forest. They have different programs that tackle biodiversity in the world.
  • American Bird Conservancy

    American Bird Conservancy
    Founder –George Fenwick
    They believe that conserving birds and their habitat benefits all other species. They want to halt extinction, protect habitats and end threats and build capacity for birds.
  • Blue Voice organization

    Blue Voice organization
    Founder –Hardy Jone and Ted Danson
    Protect dolphins, whale and other marine animals. They try to raise awareness about the ocean. They fights to end sloughing dolphins in japan and toxic waste in the ocean.
  • Panthera organization

    Panthera organization
    Founder – Thomas Kaplan
    Develop to conserve the wildcat species. They develop global strategies for large cat.