Environmental Law Timeline

  • Lacey Act

    Lacey Act
    Lacey Act prohibited the transport of illegally obtained wildlife across state lines, as well as outlawing hunting in Yellowstone National Park.
  • Burton Act

    Burton Act
    Congress passed the Burton Act, preventing hydroelectric facilities from draining Niagara Falls.
  • Bald Eagle Preservation Act

    Bald Eagle Preservation Act
    Congress passed the Bald Eagle Preservation Act to prevent the extinction of America’s national symbol.
  • Smog in LA

    Smog in LA
    Heavy amounts of smog in Los Angeles forced closure of schools for most of October.
  • First Clean Air Act

    First Clean Air Act
    Congress passed the first Clean Air Act, regulating air pollution and emissions.
  • "Pollution Free" Cars

    "Pollution Free" Cars
    Edward Cole, the president of General Motors promised Americans “pollution free cars” by 1980.
  • Alaska Conservation Act

    Alaska Conservation Act
    The Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act was passed, protecting over 100 million acres of land in Alaska.
  • Gallup Poll

    Gallup Poll
    76% of Americans considered themselves “environmentalists”, as researched in the Gallup Poll
  • Julia Butterfly Hill

    Julia Butterfly Hill
    Julia Butterfly Hill lived in a redwood tree for 735 days to prevent its destruction.
  • David Chain

    David Chain
    As David was protesting the removal of redwood trees, one tree cut by foresters fell on him and killed him.