Environmental Justice Timeline

By awin7
  • Civil Rights Movement

    It was the basis for environmental justice lawsuits. The Civil Rights Act also for a key part for Clinton's environmental executive order.
  • EPA created

    The Cuyahoga River incident brought the lack of environmental protection and it forced Nixon to form EPA.
  • Federal Recognition of Environmental Justice

    The National Environmental Policy Act created the Council of the President on Environmental quality.
  • Hawkins v. Town of Shaw

    Andrew and Mary Hawkins sued the town of Shaw because there was discrimination against black people for proper municipal services.
  • Warren County Protest

    In 1982 125 protesters gathered to prevent dump trucks carrying soil to a landfill site.
  • Indigenous Environmental Network Forms

    Grassroots indigenous people formed the IEN to address environmental and economic justice issues.
  • First National People of Color Summit

    Debated and created the modern definition of environmental justice
  • First State Environmental Equity Law

    The Environmental act that seeks to prevent the concentration of solid waste disposal facilities in lower income and minority communities.
  • Environmental Justice Executive Order

    Clinton issued Executive Order 1298 which required federal agencies to identify potential health threats that comes from environmental effects
  • Hurricane Katrina

    Flooding from Katrina carried toxic chemicals and was the main cause of the largest oil spill since Exxon Valdez in 1989 and many people criticized FEMA and EPA.
  • Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill

    There was a 134 million gallons of oil discharged in the Gulf of Mexico which was 10 times the size of Rhode Island. The cleanup efforts used 1.84 million gallons of chemical dispersants to clean up the oil
  • Bayou Bridge Pipeline Protest

    People in Louisiana protested the construction of the pipeline because they were concerned about the environmental effects the pipelines could pose.
  • Atlantic Coast Pipeline Protests

    Protesters worked to prevent the Atlantic Coast Pipeline from being built. Many environmental groups complained to the North Carolina DEQ because they failed to consider the impacts of the pipeline.
  • Hurricane Florence

    It brought secrets of the coal and hog farms industry to the public attention.
  • Cancer Alley

    Caused health problems by hundreds of petrochemical facilities which had 1,000s of pounds of hazardous waste.