enviromental problems

By btylka
  • Period: to

    panama canal

    48 mile man made canal that connects the pacific ocean to the atlantic ocean. considered one of the seven wonders of the modern world.
  • libby town montana asbestosb

    mining vermiculite caused asbestos dust and killed many in the town and espically the miners. epa didnt step in untill 1999 to clean up the town.
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    minamata disease

    chisso compnay released mercury into the minamata bay and poisned the fish an shellfish population. the towns people that ate the fish got mercury poisned and could result in death.
  • Period: to

    the great smog of 52

    weather caused the smog to accilmate over london so thick it could get ondoors. it caused widespread health issues with an estimated 12000 deaths.
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    love canal

    hooker company dumped toxic waste and then sold the land to a school board for a dollar. the school board knew the waste was there but didnt care. it was delt with finally in 1978 and it was evaculated.
  • castle bravo

    first test of a thermonuclear hydrogen bomb. it was over double the siz of intened. caused radation sickness and killed some from radioactive poisioning and made the marshall islands
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    eccocide in vietnam

    book about how the military destoyed the crops and forest with chemicals. they burned it also with napalm. claimed it was being used by the enemy.
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    shrinking or the aral sea

    soviets irragation cut off some rivers that fed the aral sea and since then it has been slowly shrinking. gone from 4th largest lake to a small slither. it killed the fish and the economy of the surronding towns.
  • silent spring

    book written about the negative effects of pesticides on the enviroment. the book caught national attention including president Kennedy.
  • palomares incident

    during an in air refuel there was an accident which resulted in the explosion of one plane. the other plane was a b52 bomber with 4 nuclear bombs on it. 2 leaked out on the beaches where they were recovered.
  • epa

    government agency for protecting and preserving the planet and its resources for us and future generations.
  • door to hell

    soviet chemist set fire to this and it hasnt stopped burning since. it has a large natural gas deposit and that is what is burning.
  • seveso disaster

    chemical factory reaction. plant started shutting down before it was done and it casued the temperature to be way off. the exposure cuased chlorance to happen to those exposed. chlorance is small acne like bumps in high amounts.
  • amoco cadiz ship

    ship ran aground onto rocks outside of france due to bad weather. 4,000 tons of oil spilled into the sea that belonged to shell.
  • the three mile island nuclear explosion

    partial meltdown of three nuclear reators. leaked small amounts or nulcear gases and a small amount of radioactive iodine. this happened in pennsylvania.
  • 1st earth day

    started by a senator in wisconswin. it was intended to rise awarness of the envirmonent. also in support of anti war protest.
  • bhopal disaster

    chemical factory spill released methyl. it had serious effects, it killed aroud 2300 people and injuried almost 500,000.
  • chernobyl nuclear explosion

    nuclear explosion caused radioactive material throughout the air in ukraine and western ussr
  • exxon valdez oil spill

    ship struck the Prince William Sound's Bligh Reef.spilled around 11 million gallons and affected 1300 miles of coastline
  • kuwail oil fires

    during their retreat of the Iraqi soldiers they set fire to over 600 oil wells due to the corched earth policy. they burned for 10 months.
  • Baia Mare cyanide spill

    dam broke and released 100 tonnes of cyanide water and it killed fish and many other enviromental problems.
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    al-mishraq fire

    largest man made sulfur dioxide ever recorded. a fire to a factory burned for about a month. it sent people in the surronding city to the hospittal.
  • jilin chemical plant explosion

    explosion killed six injured dozen and casued an evaculation of tens of thousands or residents in jilin. it created a 80 km sludge in the river.
  • three gorges dam

    dam built i china that has 32 turbines in it. it displaced alot of land and relocated 1.2 million people. this has many pros and cons.
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    sidoarjo mud flow

    result of an erupting volcanoe. is expected to contuine for another 30 years. they put up leves to help control the flow.
  • tva kingston ash slurry spill

    ash dike ruptured and spilled 84 acres of slurry. 1.1 billion galloans or slurry covered over 300 acres.
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    bp oil spill

    largest oil spill. estimated 210 million gallons.
  • Fukushima Daiichi

    powerplants took damage during the 9.0 earthuake that hit japan. it triggered a 30 km evacuation
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    gulf of mexico dead zone

    pollution is so bad that marine creatures cant survive do to lack of oxygen. the one in gulf of mexico is larger than average but smaller than it was expected to be.
  • pacific gyre garbage patch

    currents in the ocean collects and traps a high amount of garbage like plastic and chemical sludge in one area. the currents keep it all in one area due to the different currents merging.
  • e-waste factory Guiyu china

    place where eloctronics are recycled for there scrap metal. the wrok is cheaply done. the work is dangerous to the workers with proven birth defects and other health issues.