Enemy Pie- Daniel Lam

  • Exposition

    Jeremy Ross moved in the neighborhood. He made friends and had invited people to his trampaline party. He didn't invite the person that made the enemy pie.
  • Rising Action

    The person had Jeremy on my enemy list. He was the only person he had on the list. The person told his dad that he had and enemy. The dad pulled out a note. It was a recipe for enemy pie. The dad told the person to hang out with Jeremy.
  • Climax

    The person came to Jeremy's house. He asked if he could play. Jeremy could play. They shot hoops,ate lunch,shot a boomerang, and went inside a treehouse. It was time for dinner. The dad cooked dinner. For desert, they ate the enemy pie. WOW!!! said jeremy. He loved the pie.
  • Falling action

    The person said DON'T EAT THE PIE!!!! Jeremy stopped. The person thought it was poisiness, but it wasn't. So he continued to eat.
  • Resolution

    Jeremy and the person are finally friends. They were infact best friends. The person didn't think they were enemies ever again.