The famous Marshall Bruce Mathers lll was born on october 17, 1972.
    He was born in saint joseph,MO.
    He never knew his father marshall mathers jr, who abanded his family.
  • the school age

    the school age
    marshall was picked on in school alot.
    he said he was beat up in the hallways and in the classroom and was always shoved in lockers.
    he released all his anger through rap music.
  • Hailys birth

    Hailys birth
    During the period of his life where he tried to make ends with rap battles he met Kimberly jade scott.
    They later had a daughter named haily jade scott
    Marshall and Kimberly later married.
  • The first album

    The first album
    Becouse of haily marshall decided to be a rapper.
    He released his first independent album INFINETE in 1996.
    He came all this way for her.
  • DR. DRE

    DR. DRE
    A year later marshall released his demo Slim Shady LP.
    It was because of this that dr. dre discovered EMINEM.
    Dr.dre traviled to detroit to see him in a rap battle and was so impressed he sighned him up on the spot.
  • Marshalls begining

    Marshalls begining
    Marshall began his carreer in 1999 when he released Slim Shady LD.
    As a teenage dropout he released his youthful anger by identifying the ganster rap group of the 1980s and 1990s from LOS Angeles.
    Marshall loved the catigory of english in school where he would study the dictionary.
  • his hit record

    his hit record
    in 1999 marshall after two years working with dre released his album the SLIM SHADY LP.
    this album sold 3 millian copies.
    the hit single.
  • Marshalls mother

    Marshalls mother
    In marshalls life his mother Deborah Mathers raised him when his father left.
    She barly managed to hold down a job so they frequently moved.
    In 1999 she suied her son for $10 millian but settled for $2500.
  • EMINEM underground begins

    EMINEM underground begins
    Eminem quickly became reconized as one of detroits most respected figures.
    He soon assumed the stage name M&M which was just a playful abriviation with the annitails of his name he later started to write it as EMINEM.
    He stated in rap battles to make ends meet in his underground carreer.